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Saturday 4 July 2020


Hello everyone...

For this month's blog, I have something different to share. 

Here you go... Enjoy reading.

As an Asian interior designer, I have always been aware of the political issues with religion, race, and more up to date events with regards to ‘Black Lives Matter’.

However, with my experiences in the creative industries and my life throughout living in Malaysia, The Philippines, and the United Kingdom, this situation within the design industry has not been acknowledged. Due to my name, religion, presentation and look… I have too experienced this issue in the industry – Not fitting in! It is time to end the silence.

Let’s all take responsibility to start to change.

The design industry has not had an open door to everyone yet, but some are leading the way. But not many. We can clearly see this on their websites…

So, I’m glad and delighted to support the ‘Design For Diversity’ pledge. I know this is a fantastic idea and a good place to start.

Why and what is it for?

Well, it is an initiative to open up the interior design profession to be more diverse and inclusive. Also, to stop the silence. This campaign will keep the conversation and awareness going of the lack of representation of different ethnic candidates in the business.

This awareness is a great creative idea and pledge to encourage diversity. I’m thrilled to offer my support in any way I can.

I’m fully committed in choosing to work with individuals and businesses regardless of race, faith, colour, sex, gender, or sexual orientation. I have been working within a diverse environment since I started my career in the industry in the 1990s.

So, to all the campaigners let’s not just simply present this logo on our websites, but continue to be aware and to talk about the issue in our sites, and on all our social media platforms. Let’s turn our words into actions.


No to racism, prejudice, bullying, and discrimination of any kind.

I will continue to voice the subject matter in the interior design business in my social media platforms.

So, designers let’s take the pledge and support one another.

Thank you ‘Design For Diversity' for the inspiration. Surely positive change is on its way!

Nik A Ramli
5th July 2020


By placing the Design For Diversity sticker on our website, we undertake to uphold the following:

We pledge that our channels – our websites, blogs and social media – will at all times endeavour to include people of every colour and gender and sexuality.

We pledge to seek out Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic candidates to interview for roles that arise in our businesses. We will always hire the best person for the job, but we will endeavour to bring more diverse candidates through the process. We stop short of positive discrimination and we reject tokenism.

We pledge that any events we hold – be they panel discussions or talks, dinners, receptions, or media events – will endeavour to include people of all colours and genders.

Updated on 14th July 2020

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